Monday, May 28, 2018

Attic Framing

I finished the framing for the attic which we are converting into another bedroom suite with small office, bathroom and large closet.

This is the main bedroom with walk up stairs to the attic.  I also added another door and stairs to walk up so you can gain access to the remaining unfinished spaces.

This is a picture from the opposite side of the bedroom facing the bathroom.  The pocket door for the bathroom is on the left.  There will also be built in selves above the HVAC return.

From this location, if you look to your left, I opened up the wall with a walkway where I sistered the floor joists and put down subfloor making a unique addition for a small office with funky ceiling lines and with a small window.

Here are a couple shoots from inside the office area, including a section where I will put in built in shelving.

The bathroom is 8x5 and will have a sink, toilet and shower in the back.  To the right is an other pocket door to a nice sized walk-in closet.

From the back of the closet, which will behind the clothing racks, you can still gain access through a door to the unfinished space where the HVAC unit is.  I also added a ladder to be able to crawl up above the room and gain access to the remaining small unfinished area above the room.

Lastly, I put in baffles to allow airflow from the soffits to the ridge venting, as well as strapped the ceiling.

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