Saturday, February 17, 2018

Attic Floor Joists

So the first challenge was to reinforce the floor in an area I would like to finish that only had 2x8s.  So to fix that, I've sistered those with 2x10s that can withstand the span, with plentiful glue and a lot of nailing.

Also, the adjoining area is about 5 inches below the main section which already has live load engineered open web joists, so I needed to build up the area with perpendicular 2x4s to just about a half inch below the adjoining to make room for the subfloor, again with a lot of glue and nailing to reduce any chance of squeaking.  The extra space also let's me make room for duct work that I will extend and run down the columns.

Also, I've left the insulation in the floor mainly for sound dampening, even though some areas don't technically need it now.