Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sprinkler System Functional

Got the minimum done to get the sprinkler system up and running.  I only have 1/3 of the sprinkler heads dug out and installed, but everything else is complete.

That is the manifold system built out of 3/4" PVC pressure pipe with 12 different zones.  10 of those are for sprinkler heads that will have 2 each.  The 2 additional zones are dedicated for drip lines for vegetation around the house.  I had to keep the amount of heads per zone low given we are on well water with varying PSI.

Sprinkler heads dug out and used bricks to brace the heads.

Buried all the lines and compacted them down over the course of a few days.

Flattened and graded the lawn.

Seeded, fertilized, covered with wheat straw, and running the sprinkler heads.

This side of the house is complete, with 4 zones each having 2 heads.  This gives complete coverage and slighty overlaps.

This is the manifold system.  The 4 on the right are for the side of the house.  The 2 on the left are drip lines for bushes and trees.  The remaining 6 are for the rest of the house, once I dig out and install the sprinkler heads.  This whole assembly will be covered once complete.

In front of the manifold system there are fixtures to prevent issues.  The first is a strainer to ensure water lines stay clean.  In the middle is the backflow preventer so outside contaminated water can't make it's way back into the house, and on the right is the pressure regulator that ensures pressure in lines stays below 50 PSI.  This whole assemble is attached via unions and can be removed for winter storage.  There are also pressure gauges and release valves at each junction for testing, and an air blow out connector to clean the lines of water before winter.

This is the head unit that automatically runs all 12 zones that I installed in my electrical closet along side all the other electrical components of the house.  I ran wires through the basement ceiling and out by the manifold system.

Media Room Drywall Finishing

It's been a loooooong time, but finally back at it.  Here is the latest for the media room drywall, covered everything in plastic, corner bead, and then tape and mudding...