Thursday, January 28, 2016

Toilet in unfinished basement

Having a finished media room downstairs to get drunk, watch movies and playing video games in is a real pain in the ass if you have to drag your drunk ass up the stairs to take a piss, or worse especially in the winter, go outside and piss off the deck :-)

Sooooooo... I just had to install a toilet in our unfinished basement :-)

First I installed drywall on one side of the wall to give a bit of privacy.

Then I turned off the water to the house and cut down the copper pipe, before installing the compression stop value for the water supply line.

Then I used 3/4'' treated wood to mimic a finished floor cutting a hole around the drain and then cutting the drain pipe down flush with the wood.

Then I used liquid nail glue to adhere the wood to the concrete floor and weighed it down with large rocks to let it dry.  Then screwing down the toilet flange on the wood into the drain.

And then I installed the toilet base to the flange bolting it down with the provided bolts and nuts.

Lastly installing the remaining toilet components to the base and attaching the water supply line.

Viola!  I can piss in the basement now in comfort :-)