Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sink and Counter in Bonus Room

We plan to convert the bonus room over the garage to an office with a sink and some additional counter space.  So first I needed to rough in the plumbing and electrical.  Luckily, there is a bathroom in the bonus room, so I could tie into it's plumbing by routing pipes through a 2x6 dormer wall, and I had unfinished access space behind both the bathroom and the new counter.

This is the original space where we just had a dresser before, and behind it a knee wall with unfinished space.

I had to first move the low voltage wiring, and replace that with the sink water and drain pipes.

I tied into the existing bathroom hot and cold water lines, as well as the drain and vent pipes properly sloped, and carried that all through the 2x6 dormer wall, additionally routing electrical lines to tie into the GFCI circuit.

Then I moved the old knee wall door, and replaced it with a simple access door in an area of the cabinets I will always be able to get access to (behind an appliance that can be pulled out).

And lastly this is how the project currently stands.  The cabinets and appliance/fixtures have been ordered.  On the left will be a sink, then a double pull-out trash, then open shelving, and lastly a built in mini-fridgerator slot.

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